Squirt Church


Sunday - 11 AM Worship Service

October 25, 2020

11:00 AM

6400 E. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, OK 73151

OBC Children’s Area Information and Safety Precautions

We are so excited to start reopening the OBC Children’s Area. Our first step is to have a Sunday morning worship and learning hour we are going to call “Squirt Church.” Why are we calling it Squirt Church? For several reasons: because it is only for squirts and you must get a squirt of hand sanitizer to get in.

Parents, we need your help! Please review the following safety guidelines with your child so they will be aware of them when they arrive. Hope to see you Sunday morning!

Squirt Church ages are PreK-4th Grade (not 3rd grade as previously reported).

Please use common sense and do not bring a sick child to church.

Check-in procedure will be the same. Ms. Kasey and Ms. Caeli will be happy to check your child in. Parents will be given a sticker when dropping off their child and then present the sticker when picking up their child. Please do not send siblings to pick up children.

Everyone is required to get a squirt of hand sanitizer when they arrive.

Please remember to bring your mask to Squirt Church. Everyone is required to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Masks will not be required on the playground. Should your child forget their mask the church does have children’s masks available for purchase at exorbitant prices.

Please remember to bring your Bible to church. We will continue to have the treasure chest goodies for those that bring their Bible.

Every child will be assigned a “sit-spot” location each week. Children will need to stay on their sit spot unless they are going to the bathroom or going outside to the playground. Sit spots are arranged by grade/age.

Only one child at a time in the bathrooms. Each child must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds after each bathroom visit.

Each child will have their own pencil/crayon case that will be kept at the church. The children will wipe them with a Clorox wipe when picking up and putting up.

Only adult volunteers allowed in and to serve in the children’s area for the time being.