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Youth Ministry Intern JOB DESCRIPTION

 Oakdale Baptist Church 

 6400 E Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, Ok 73151



Duration and Time Commitment:

  • Two (2) youth ministry internship positions are available: preferably one male and one female.
  •  10 hours minimum weekly basis, summer months additional hours will be added to the normal 10 hr. work week. 



  • Gain valuable youth ministry experience by assisting in outreach and spiritual formation of the Jr High and High School students
  • Be mentored by and accountable to the youth pastor.
  • Be submerged in the life of the congregation in order to learn about the integration of youth ministry with congregational life.
  • Discover the relationship of the youth worker with parents, church and community leaders, and the congregation as a whole. 
  • Learn about balancing the demands of ministry with personal spiritual development, friendships, and the other responsibilities of life.



  • Have a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ and a passion for ministry to youth.
  • Be teachable, humble, and have a servant’s heart.
  • Be an example to others in Christian character and integrity.
  • Be a self-starter as well as a team player.
  • Possess gifts for ministry, such as teaching, leadership, compassion, administration, or music.
  • Must be at least a sophomore in college, preferably a junior or older.
  • Must provide own transportation to/from the church
  • Must adhere to our church’s Policy for the Protection of Children, Youth, and Adults with Developmental Disabilities, pass a background check.


Job Description:

  • Fully participate in both Wed night and Sunday morning church activities and other youth/church activities
  • Help with Wed night Connection through any/all of the following ways:  connect with students and build relationships with teens during hangout and game time, lead games/activities, help plan and lead our time of worship and teaching, lead a small group of students, help with prep/clean-up of youth area.  These responsibilities go from approximately 4:00-9:00 each Wed night. 
  • Attend Sunday worship and Sunday School, 9:45-12:00 am.
  • Assist in the teaching rotation of Jr High or High School Sunday School.
  • Assist in the planning/implementation of most youth events, including retreats, 5th Quarters etc.
  • Meet with youth pastor, and youth ministry team regularly for mentoring and planning.
  • Attend monthly staff meetings when possible.
  • Mentor youth by attending their activities or meeting with them outside of regularly scheduled program time.
  • Ask questions, be creative, offer and implement your ideas, seek servant-leadership opportunities, take risks, learn, and see God work through you to make in impact on others.
  • Other duties assigned by the youth pastor (Marwin Dickerson), Executive Pastor (Paul Kersh), and Senior Pastor (Justin Ford). 


Stipend and Benefits:

  • All expenses paid on trips, special events, and ministry expenditures.




To Apply:

  • Submit completed application, with references, to Youth Pastor Marwin Dickerson.
  • For additional information, contact Marwin at (580)-453-2307 or


Youth Ministry Intern APPLICATION

Oakdale Baptist Church 

6400 E Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, Ok 73151





Date of Birth: 

School Address:


 Permanent Address:                                                        


Mobile Phone:

Alternate Phone:

E-mail address:




School: _______________________________________________________________________

Classification: __________________________ Major: __________________________________


Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. If you run out of room in the blanks provided please write on the back of the page or attach a separate sheet with the remainder of your response.


1) When did you become a Christian? Tell us a little about your decision to follow Christ, your church and family’s influence, and your church background/affiliation.






2) Describe your spiritual life. What are you doing to keep yourself in a growing relationship with God?





3) Why do you want to be a youth ministry intern?





4) What experience do you have in the church?  Have you ever served as a volunteer, youth worker, or intern before? If “yes,” please indicate where you served and tell us a little bit about that experience.






5) Please list any experiences that you have had which would be beneficial to this internship.






6) What do you consider to be your strengths/spiritual gifts as they relate to ministry? What do you consider to be your weaknesses as they relate to ministry?




7) Describe your talents, interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities.  




8) Do you have any other responsibilities that might hinder your availability for youth ministry activities on Wed afternoon/evening and Sunday mornings?




9) What is your philosophy of youth ministry? What do you think is the role of the youth minister, family, and church as they relate to youth ministry?



10) What do you hope to gain from your internship experience at Oakdale Baptist Church?




Please list three references (not relatives) that will be able to speak to your Christian character, leadership ability, emotional maturity, and ministerial potential. Please provide one reference who is a pastor, one who is a college professor, and a third of your choosing. Provide name, email, and phone number for each.


Pastor: Name: __________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

How do you know him/her? ______________________________________________________


Professor: Name: __________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

How do you know him/her? ______________________________________________________


Name: __________________________________________ Phone: ______________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

How do you know him/her? ______________________________________________________


Please complete this application and e-mail or mail it to Marwin:


Oakdale Baptist Church

Attn:  Marwin Dickerson

6400 E Hefner Rd.

Oklahoma City Ok, 73151