Youth Pastor Job Description


Sunday - 11 AM Worship Service

Oakdale Baptist Church Youth Pastor


To plan, coordinate and provide leadership in all areas of youth ministry including worship, fellowship, discipleship, service, and outreach


The Youth Pastor(s) will report to the Senior Pastor (or other ministry staff if specifically assigned) and will work closely with the Youth Ministry Team (including interns)


•    Must be a born again believer with a maturing relationship with Christ. 

•    Must show a faithful pursuit of leadership characteristics as listed in 1Tim.3. 

•    Must display a passion for serving God in youth ministry 

•    Must have knowledge and skill in the philosophy, psychology and principles of Christian education. 

•    Must demonstrate a genuine love for teens 

•    Must be sensitive to needs and pressures of teens with a knowledge of possible solutions. 

•    Must be able to teach, train, and disciple youth workers. 

•    Agrees with and supports the doctrinal statements of the church. Will become a member of the church as soon as possible after hiring. 

•    Must be able to exercise initiative and judgment as an independent worker. 

•    Must possess organizational and administration abilities. 

•    Must be able to respond to changing needs throughout the daily and weekly schedule. 


The responsibilities of the Youth Minister shall include the following: 


•    Be a consistent participant in the life of the church, including but not limited to:  Sunday School/Community Groups, worship services, service opportunities, Church Business Meetings, leadership teams, leadership training events, etc. 

•    Continue growth and development through conferences, reading, and exchange of ideas with others. 


•    Youth Pastor may be considered either a part-time or full-time employee.  Compensation may be adjusted by Personnel Committee and Senior Pastor according to availability and responsibility.


•    Provide oversight of Middle School and Senior High interns and adult volunteers. 

•    Must see to it that the youth group maintains a balanced program of spiritual, physical, and social growth. 

•    Coordinate and provide youth ministry curriculum, materials and resources 

•    Recruit, train and support interns, teachers and small group leaders

•    Oversee the planning and leading of church camps

•    Oversee opportunities for worship

•    Be acquainted with and involved in the personal lives of youth (either directly or through the youth interns and volunteers) including but not limited to: On campus ministry and school events, home and hospital visits, etc. 

•    Facilitate involvement of youth in church ministry. 

•    Oversee proper care and use of facilities used by youth programs. 

•    Help to foster a safe environment for all youth at all times 


•    Must recruit and train leadership (including parents, college students, and interns)

•    Maintain effective leadership for each youth program 

•    Provide support and assistance as required but permit leaders to handle the day to day needs of the youth programs. 

•    Provide formal (structured) and informal (by example) leadership training for interns and volunteers. 

•    Provide formal and informal forums for frequent communication, encouragement and evaluation to the youth staff. As the coach, create a team atmosphere. 

•    Oversee, with interns and volunteers, the identification of youth with leadership potential and assure opportunities are given for proper development. 

•    Be an advisor/resource for all youth leaders. 


•    Maintain a well-planned, carefully balanced program throughout the year coordinated with the church calendar of events. 

•    Must see to it that all responsibilities for events (Programs, camps, retreats, etc. ) are delegated and understood by youth leaders and youth. 

•    Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans along with all necessary information. Publish same to youth leaders, parents, and youth in a timely fashion. 


•    Attend bi-monthly meetings with staff for prayer and planning. 

•    Participate in the OBC Strategic Planning Team if asked

•    Coordinate ministry plans with Senior Pastor (or other assigned ministry staff) for accountability

•    With the input and support of the Youth Ministry Team, establish and maintain a philosophy of youth ministry and annual goals. 

•    Review and discuss annual job performance evaluation. 

•    Present vacation request to the Senior Pastor at least one month in advance. It will be the responsibility of the Youth Pastor to ensure that all responsibilities are covered 


•    Salary package commiserate with experience, education, etc.

•    2 weeks paid vacation

•    2 Sundays paid leave for conferences/leadership opportunities


(Provide your answers in a “red” font)


1)             Describe your call to the ministry?


2)             Describe your philosophy of ministry as it affects the following areas:

a.             Personal relationships:

b.             Developing Leaders (students and adults):

c.             Discipleship:

d.             Evangelism/Missions:      

e.             Parents & Family:   

f.               Measuring success in your area of ministry:


3)             List what you believe to be some of your God-given strengths.


4)             Give examples of how you use those strengths effectively in ministry.


5)             List the challenges or weaknesses that God is helping you to work with or overcome.


6)             Describe what you see as the most effective approach to Sunday School and discipleship strategies.


7)             Describe what you see as the most effective approach to reaching students with the Gospel in our community.


8)             How do you equip students to reach their friends for Christ (be as specific here as possible)?


9)             Share the ministry vision God has placed on your heart.


10) In ministry, there seems to be a tension between being too event driven or being too discipleship driven.  How would you describe your ministry?


11) What excites you about being our next Student Pastor?


12) What would you focus on your first year as our Student Pastor?




Please send cover letter, resume and questionnaire to Paul Kersh at